MiniRoyale.io Unblocked

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MiniRoyale.io is a two dimensional multiplayer unblocked Battle Royale game in which the main objective is to rally up a snowball and get it to be huge before the ice melts and to protect yourself while you’re at it. In the main screen, players must enter a nickname and hit the start button to begin playing the game. Once the game officially starts, then players are allowed to make snowballs with their vehicles. The bigger the snowball the better because the bigger snowball pushes the smaller snowballs. Players are allowed to quit building their snowballs and start new ones according to their need. Another objective of the game is to make sure you’re not pushed out to water by snowballs made by other players. An added feature of this game is that it is limited on time.

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  1. Y U Hef 2 B Mad says:

    Bring the victory thing back!

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