Powerline.io unblocked ! Do you want to prevail against other players in the powerline ? Then the first step for you is to learn how to play it. After learning how to use game controls and their functions, the next step can be learning about some tips and hints that are likely to increase your chance of winning.

How to play

In order to move your player, you can use ASDW and arrow keys.
In order to grow in length, you need to eat as much food as you can. Additionally, you need to make genius moves to get other players to collide with you. When they collide with your player, they die and drop foods which you can eat and keep growing.

Game controls and tips

You should always avoid colliding with other players as this will kill you and you will need to start over. Therefore you should be very careful. Also you need to have a reliable internet connection to avoid freezing problems.

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